DSI Sportsbook Review

dsi review

Diamond Sportsbook International, DSI, is one of the largest and most reputable sportsbooks on the Internet, as well as having one of the well known USA Online Casinos. Inordinate amounts of money flow to and from DSI, and players have never been subject to scandal or lost money on DSI's part. Our DSI review shows that hey run the best odds, take bets on every imaginable event, and have perks and benefits found at no other sportsbook on the Internet. DSI is the home of many of the most dedicated of sports gamblers, as well as newbies in the field. Regardless of which sports and which lines on which you seek to bet, DSI will be able to cater to your every need. They are easily one of the top USA Online Sportsbooks on the internet. Visit DSI

Sports at DSI

The sports found through DSI are endless. They take lines on every possible sport you could imagine. The most important sports you will find through DSI are the four major American sports. This includes the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, and the NHL. Many lines are taken on these games, and each of these sports takes up a large portion of DSI. You will also see individual sports through DSI. DSI takes lines on sports such as NASCAR, Indy Racing, and Mixed Martial Arts. There is an abundance of sports on which to bet through DSI, so there will be lines to take year round.

Betting Types at DSI

As our review of DSI covers, another major thing making them one of the Best USA Sports Betting SItes is the number of money lines they hold on each sport. DSI covers every facet of sports wagering. The most common type of line found is the straight bet. Straight bets are made as a guess as to who will win the game out right. There are also the spread bets and the over/under bets. Futures, Teasers, Parlays, and Pleasers are also taken to reward players with large cash outs, should they come to fruition. Additionally, allows players to buy points on spreads, though this entails a reduced pay out should you win your bet.

DSI Bonuses

dsi sportsbook bonuses

DSI is well known for its USA Sports Betting Bonuses. Their bonus leaves the choice up to you - you can decide on one of two deposit bonuses through DSI's site. The total amount is the same with their USA sports betting bonuses, but the two variables are the percentage of their match and the rollover you must meet before cashing the bonus in. The first bonus, and perhaps most common, is their 10% match to $500 dollars. This bonus entails a rollover of three times your deposit plus the bonus. You will also have the choice of taking a 20% match to $500 dollars. This match takes a rollover rate of five, so while you do get more money, you have to pay more before the bonus comes through. DSI regularly offers other promotions, but details on these are only released with the promotion. Visit DSI

DSI Deposit Methods

If you were wondering about USA Sports Betting Deposit Methods offered here then don't fret, our DSI sportsbook review covers that as well. Using DSI means that you can use more deposit methods than nearly any other online sportsbook. Most methods can be used to make instant deposits, but the best way to do so is through eWalletXpress. Since they accept eWalletXpress, they also use 900Pay. VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, and Diners Club cards make up their Credit Card options. IPoint is a prepaid card, and this can be used through DSI. Personal checks, money orders, bank wires, and wire transfers are the financial institution options, allowing players to send money to the sportsbook electronically or through the mail. PIClub is also an option, providing players with a second e-wallet for use in depositing.

DSI Customer Service

DSI is on the top of the pile when it comes to the Most Trusted USA Sports Betting Sites, and their customer service department is partially to blame for this. They provide immaculate service for their users, as they realize a friendly tone of voice can be the difference between gaining and losing an account. DSI strives to make life easier for the sports bettor, and that is one thing we proved definitively when we were forming our review of DSI. After a brief call to their customer service department, we found that they spoke fluent English and were fully prepared to handle our issues. From small problems, such as learning how to deposit, to larger complaints, such as a misplaced payout, their customer service department can tackle each problem as it comes. With no issues that cannot be handled, the review of DSI has shown nothing but excellence out of this top notch sportsbook. Visit DSI