Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

bookmaker review

Bookmaker is another of the top USA Online Sportsbooks as you will see from our Bookmaker review. They have a group of features that has helped skyrocket their popularity, not the least of which is their generous odds. Underdogs and favorites alike have favorable odds through Bookmaker. Using their site provides convenience, service, and options that may not be found in many, if any, other sportsbooks. Bookmaker has gone as far as to allowing bettors to call in their wagers over the phone. This allows for bettors to make wagers on the fly, which is crucial when trying to place a bet on an upcoming line, such as a halftime or quarter line.

Sports at Bookmaker

Bookmaker, like its sister site, DSI, manages to take bets on all major sports. This includes the MLB, the NHL, the NFL, and the NBA. All of these leagues can be bet on through Bookmaker, which is considered one of the Best USA Sports Betting Sites out there. Then you will find auto and individual sports on which to bet. Formula one, stock car racing, martial arts, and the like are all available through Bookmaker. With the never ending supply of sports, there should always be an option, year round, on which you can place a wager. Bookmaker also takes bets on the international sports, such as soccer and the Olympics. Visit Bookmaker

Betting Types at Bookmaker

As you will learn in our review of Bookmaker, there are multiple money lines through Bookmaker, and each one can be capitalized upon. You will find that the most common type of bet is the straight bet. This is just the decision about who will win the event, game, match, and so on. Prop Bets and future bets are also a component of Bookmaker. Prop bets and future bets allow players to bet on individual occurrences, in or out of the game, and futures are self explanatory - a bet on something that will occur down the line. For big hits, bettors can turn to parlays, teasers, and pleasers. For more in depth bets, over/unders and spread bets allow players to increase their odds while still betting on the game.

Bookmaker Bonuses

bookmaker bonuses

Bonuses found through Bookmaker are part of what makes their site amongst the best. USA Sports Betting Bonuses provide players with freeplay to make bets, on top of their initial deposit. Bookmaker gives options when it comes to receiving a bonus. The choice revolves around the percentage at which they will match you. No matter which percentage you take, the bonus will only go as high as $500 dollars. The percentage you opt for will also determine the rollover rate you must meet before the bonus is awarded. The options are 10% and 20%, and the lower percentage carries a 3x rollover, while the 20% bonus comes with a 5x rollover. While uncommon, reload bonuses can also be found through Bookmaker.

Bookmaker Deposits

Bookmaker is one of the leading sportsbooks when it comes to USA Sportsbook Deposit Methods. Our Bookmaker review found that many of the overall USA deposit methods are covered through Bookmaker. They take two e-wallets, which includes PICClub and eWalletXpress. Credit Cards are also taken through Bookmaker. Their choices include the international cards, Diners Club and JCB Card, as well as the domestic cards, VISA, American Express, and MasterCard. A prepaid card is also available, and this is called Ipoint. Ipoint can be used to make instant deposits without relinquishing your personal information. Personal checks and money orders can be used to fund a players account, but these take time so many players may opt out. For instant deposits through a financial institution, bank wires and wire transfers may be used in order to fund the Bookmaker account. Visit Bookmaker

Service at Bookmaker

Customer service is always important both in USA Online Casinos and sportsbooks alike. Customer service is essential to Bookmaker. Some sportsbooks have a customer service department that does not even compare to that of the most humble of gas stations, but Bookmaker truly shines. We contacted their department with fake problems, as per our review of Bookmaker, and we found nothing but helpful, courteous, English speaking operators. Their financial help desk was particularly helpful, and they can guide you through the different deposit methods as well as answer any questions pertaining to your pay outs. Whether it is a software complaint or a question about the lines, Bookmaker's customer service team can handle any problem - trivial or catastrophic. Visit Bookmaker