BoDog Sportsbook Review

NOTE: As of December 2011, Bodog will no longer service the USA market. Instead, they have launched a new brand which is a mirror image of the old Bodog and it is called Bovada. We have re-linked this page for Bovada and a Bovada sportsbook review will be on the way soon.

bodog review

Anyone who has gambled online, or even investigated online gambling, has undoubtedly heard of Bodog. Bodog is one of the major online gambling hubs, as they off high quality sources of gambling on each of the three major types (USA Online Casinos, sports betting, and one of the USA poker rooms) of online gambling. Our review of Bodog found that their sports betting section is better than the rest, though none of them are in any way bad.

Sports at BoDog

The list of sports Bodog will take wagers on is quite expansive. Some USA Online Sportsbooks will not take bets on the less popular sports (in America), but Bodog has lines on almost every sport played around the world. These sports include soccer, cricket, and Formula 1 racing. The major American sports (The NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB) are also found through Bodog. Individual sports, as opposed to team sports, are also utilized through Bodog. These include pugilistic sports, as well as racing sports. NASCAR events are one of Bodogs more popular lines available.

Betting Types at BoDog

As our BoDog review shows, they have all the betting types a player could ever need. As hefty as a list of sports may be, they are nothing without the money lines that need to accompany them. These lines can be as basic as a straight bet or a parlay. The straight bets, over/unders, and spread bets are the most basic lines, but may not carry the largest of pay outs. The bigger pay outs will have to come through other types of money lines. Parlays have higher payouts than normal bets, as they have a slightly higher rate of failure. This is because you place wagers across several games at once, and one failed bet means the whole chain is a loss. Teasers, props, futures, and pleasers are also available through Bodog sportsbook. Visit Bodog

BoDog Bonuses

bodog bonuses

Bodog offers amazing USA Sports Betting Bonuses that are unprecedented. Never will you find a more promising bonus than the one through Bodog's USA online sportsbook. The Bodog sportsbook review has shown us that their bonus runs to a 10% unlimited match bonus. This means that no matter how high your deposit, you will receive an additional 10% on top of your own money. As you may or may not know, deposit bonuses require a rollover before they can be applied. A rollover is how much you must wager before you can receive the bonus. This is usually 3 or 5 times your deposit, but in the case of Bodog it is only 1 times your deposit. This means that you will get your bonus much quicker than any other USA online sportsbook.

BoDog Deposit Methods

Bodog takes several USA Sports Betting Deposit Methods to make for easier gaming. Instead of getting tripped up by finding a way to load money into your sportsbook account, Bodog has provided players with many of the USA sportsbook deposit methods. The primary method they use to accept payment is through eWalletXpress. This method makes depositing and receiving payouts much easier than any other method. Since they take eWalletXpress, 900Pay is also an option. Credit cards accepted through Bodog include American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. They also have a unique, proprietary deposit method called Virtual Pin. Virtual Pin is a prepaid card that has made depositing money into your sportsbook account easier than it ever has been before. Visit Bodog

BoDog Customer Service

Bodog's value as a company stems from their customer service department, which is one of the many reasons they are one of the Best USA Sports Betting Sites out there. They have made steps to ensure that their clients and guests will never be disappointed with the action and game play found through Bodog. Bodog is truly flawless in this department, so take heart in the fact that they can solve any problem, complaint, or bump in the road you may encounter. Each member of their staff has been trained and well versed in the different facets of helping people, and you can also be sure that they are all fluent in English, so basic communication will never be a problem.