Absolute Poker Review

absolute poker review

Many USA Online Poker Rooms are dressed up in bells and whistles, which can destract away from the point of the site - to play good poker. This may be the reason Absolute Poker went with its name. As you will find out from our Absolute Poker review, at Absolute Poker you will find nothing but high quality gaming. They have added perks, such as a VIP club, blackjack tables, and poker information, but for the most part, Absolute Poker is nothing but game play, which is what set them apart in our USA Online Poker Room Reviews. The lack of distractions should allow players to get more hands per hour, leading to what could be a higher rate of income or just solid fun. Absolute Poker has a regular player base of over 10,000 players, so there will always be a table to enjoy through their USA poker room.

Absolute Poker Games

Like USA Online Casinos, it is important for online poker rooms to host high quality games for players. Since Absolute Poker places heavy emphasis on playability, they do host a wide berth of poker variants. Amongst these variants are the tried and true Texas and Omaha Hold 'em, as well as Seven Card Stud. Hi-Lo versions of the latter two are available as well. Razz and Seven deuce hold 'em are also available through Absolute Poker. Seven Deuce Hold 'em is Texas Hold 'em with a small perk. This variant features a proposition bet - a side bet if you will - that takes a small side pot from each hand to award to any player who wins a hand with a deuce and a seven pocket. The side bet is only made as you join the table, or when the side bet is won. To stay on the table after the side bet is one, you must replace your bet.

Absolute Poker Tournaments

If you are into poker tournaments then our review of Absolute Poker will be the place to look for Absolute Poke tournaments. Tournaments can be found for every type of game hosted through Absolute Poker. Tournaments run on a daily schedule, with sit and go tournaments running constantly. Absolute Poker also has weekly "guaranteed" tournaments, where the pot is set at $75,000 or $100,000, even if there are not enough players to fund the prize purse. In the event that more people sign up than the guaranteed purse stands with, then the purse will increase to follow in suit. Private tournaments are also a reality through Absolute Poker, as a poker "buddy list" is found exclusively through Absolute Poker.

Absolute Poker Bonuses

absolute poker bonuses

USA Poker Bonuses are plentiful through Absolute Poker, as they understand the player's desire for free cash, as well as the competition's enticing bonuses drawing players away from AP's site. Absolute Poker is offering a 150% match up to $500 dollars. This requires the code AP500 to be utilized to the maximum. Furthermore, as you continue to play you gain VIP points. VIP points can be used to build your status through Absolute Poker, thus increasing your ability to earn free cash or prizes. There is also a Bad Beat jackpot that gives a quickly growing progressive jackpot for hands of quad eights or better that are beaten out. When this occurs, all players at the table receive at least $1,000 dollars, so sometimes losing can be a good thing. Absolute Poker also offers a reload bonus, which can occasionally give a 15% up to a 100% match with a varying limit to as of how much can be received.

Absolute Poker Deposits

As our Absolute Poker review will show, making deposits into a USA poker room has never been easier than it is through Absolute Poker. Many USA Poker Deposit Methods exist to help fund your poker account. The basic, not to mention easiest, way to fund your account is a credit card. Accepted cards are VISA and MasterCard. Bank Transfers are also an option, as are echecks. These can be used to make instant deposits, so you will not have to wait for your money to hit the poker bank. PICClub can also be used for deposits as well as withdrawals. All of their deposits have a high rate of success, though PICClub and Echecks work more efficiently than any of the other methods.

Service At Carbon Poker

Absolute Poker realizes that by being polite and helpful to their players, they will continue to grow as a service. Their customer service department has been thoroughly trained to solve any complaints a player may have. Their customer service front page has a detailed list of basic fixes, giving players the opportunity to solve the issue before contacting the department itself. Customer service can be reached through phone or instant chat, so you will not have to wait for and endless chain of e-mails to solve your issue. Players will be required to provide information about the issue as well as your computer, and this is done to help the customer service department get to the root of the problem.