Legal USA Sports Betting

Legality is a huge concern with many bettors, so what a better way to comfort any concerns than creating a list of the Legal USA Sports Betting. Surely none of you are criminals, and it is doubtful you actually want to face charges just for placing a few bets, so rest assured that any of the USA Online Sportsbooks we list are completely legal. You won't have to face a judge or jury betting through out affiliates, so don't concern yourself with such trifles.

Before you actually choose which out of all the Legal USA Sportsbooks you will use, make sure your deposit method is accepted through their site. One of the biggest issues with online gambling is choosing between the USA Sports Betting Deposit Methods. Credit cards used to be the staple, but the Port Safety Act imposed by congress included the UIGEA, an act that made it difficult for banks to commence with financial transactions that are based on online gambling. Make sure you have an intermediary or a back up method of payment before you make your sportsbook choice.

Through our site you will find reviews, both brief and comprehensive, surrounding the different sportsbooks. All the requisite information you'll need to make the choice is readily available. If you don't feel like sifting through the different reviews, the chart below should help you make a choice on the fly. If you want more information, check out the full reviews and follow the links to the site itself. All of these Safe USA Sports Betting Sites are to be trusted, so rest assured you are in good hands and free from the threat of litigation through our sportsbooks affiliates. USA Sports Betting Bonuses, as well as payment methods, are very important, so those should be the first spot on your checklist. Good luck bettors, and happy hunting.

Bovada Sportsbook

legal usa sportsbetting can be done at bodog

Bovada, a combined casino, poker room, and Sports Betting Sites Legal For USA Players, provides an excellent location for all sports betting. Bovada runs lines on all types of sports, and their money lines are just as numerous. Bovada is based outside of the United States, providing you with a completely legal experience, in fact they are one of the Most Trusted USA Sports Betting Sites available. They offer a 10% unlimited match bonus to get you started. The deposit bonus can be used at any section of their website, so you are free from restriction. You can enjoy all Bovada has to offer with just one deposit, so feel free to paruse their site. They offer troves of information to get you started on all forms of betting, so good luck in your betting. Visit Bovada Sportsbook

Intertops Sportsbook

carib sports is the spot for legal usa sports betting

Since they reside outside of the United States, CaribSports remains on the list of Safe USA Sportsbooks. They have low juice, so when you win you won't have to sacrifice a sizable portion of your winnings back to the sportsbook. They offer a 25% bonus to $100 dollars on initial deposits, as well as periodic reloads on future bonuses that can be received. They take care of their customers, providing up to date information on major sports. Odds found at Intertops are some of the best on the net, so check it out and place your bet. Visit Intertops

Best USA Sports Betting Sites USA Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses Visit
20% Up To $100
25% Up To $100
25% Up To $900
50% Up To $200
20% Up To $500
20% Up To $500