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JCB is an International credit card that can be issued to residents of certain states within the USA and they work great at JCB Card Online Casinos. It works like any other credit card, though it has no failure rate since it is processed through an International bank. Provided you live in one of the states that allows JCB Cards, and the site you are gambling on is Casinos that Accept JCB Cards , you are in good shape to use this wonderful new way to make deposits. JCB Cards, as previously stated, are just like your VISA or MasterCard, just they operate outside of the United States.

JCB Cards have garnered some confusion, so we will be doing our best to clear it up. We've received a lot of e-mails with questions about JCB Card. Since there are so many JCB online casinos, we went ahead and compiled the most common of frequently asked questions to help illuminate the finer points of this incredible deposit method. Since it is a credit card, withdrawals from your casino are typically not processed through JCB so you will have to find another way to get your money out of your USA Online Casinos account.

Best JCB Card Casinos

We have made everything so easy for you, that we have no doubt you will not have any trouble finding the Best JCB Card Online Casinos. Everything is laid out for you, in a way that you couldn't possibly be confused with what is offered. We isolate the best of the best, further making simple. No need to worry, all of them are among the most Trusted USA Online Casinos, and all are safe.

Rushmore Casino

JCB Card casino rushmore

RTG hosts the most JCB online casinos. The RTG software base has lent its awesome power to Rushmore Casino to bring you a juggernaut of online gambling. They run all of their beautifully designed table games and slot machines through a small download or a light weight flash based casino right there on the website. They succeed at immersing you in the game, giving you a realistic casino experience without having to travel to Vegas. Rushmore Casino offers deposit USA Online Casino Bonus Codes that cater to a player's styles by granting bigger bonuses to specific games. Slots, for instance, receive a 400% bonus to $2,000 dollars using the code SLOTS400. If you primarily play blackjack you will find the code DOUBLEDOWN a pleasing wallet enhancer in that it grants you a 200% match to $1,000 dollars. If you would rather have a flexible bonus, go with the codes 400FREE and 488FREE to capture a 100% match to either $400 dollars or $488 dollars. Rushmore Casino brings JCB users an impressive casino built around customer service, fair gaming, and convenience. Visit Rushmore Casino

Casino Titan

Casino TItan is also one of the Online Casinos Accepting JCB Card Deposits. Casino Titan is one of the best RTG Casinos. They gave us a bonus code to pass along to you in order to boost your deposit significantly. Use the code ELECTRIC400 for a free $1,000 dollars on your deposits. Your second, third, and fourth deposits are also backed by a bonus through Casino Titan. They offer up to $3,000 in total across these deposits. Casino Titan brings you beautifully crafted games, including their slots, blackjack, roulette, and a variety of video pokers. Being one of the Best USA Online Casinos, Casino Titan has substantially high pay out percentages, and processes said payouts with the utmost expediancy. Casino Titan is one casinot that cannot be passed up, and we suggest all players give it a shot. Visit Casino Titan

Slots Oasis Casino

slots oasis casino accepts JCB Cards

Slots Oasis Casino is among the premier RTG JCB online casinos. They provide an Egyptian themed casino for their players, which augments their already entertaining games. The games they offer are slots, table games, and video pokers. They have a huge diversity, particularly amongst their slots. All the games that are at Slots Oasis are featured in their Free USA Online Casinos. They hit you with a deposit bonus that requires promotional codes - codes we will provide you with. 4000FREE is a bonus code that grants you a 400% match up to $4,000 dollars, but only for their slots. Blackjack fans use the code BLACKOASIS to receive a 200% match to $1,000 dollars. Slots Oasis truly is an Oasis of pure water amidst a desert of poor online casinos. They blow away the competition through their impressive customer service, slew of games, and high yield bonuses. Visit Slots Oasis Casino

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FAQ About Casinos Accepting JCB Cards

How can I get a JCB card?
First you must fill out an application online over at Depending on your credit history, they will provide you with a card or decline you. If they accept you, they will give you a credit limit anywhere between $500 dollars or as high as $12,000 dollars.

What states allow JCB cards?
If you are interested in JCB online casinos, you must live in either Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, California, Washington State, and Connecticut. All other states find JCB card disallowed.

Does JCB card have any fees?
No! Other than finance charges, there are no fees attached to a JCB Card. In fact, JCB offers a 1% cash back bonus on all of your purchases. Every $100 dollars you spend gives you a free dollar on your account.

How long will approval take on my JCB card application?
Approval can take up to four weeks, but this is just to allow the company leeway in processing your application. They have been known to reply to their applicants in under a week.

Are there any other advantages to the JCB Card?
Yes. JCB is accepted by vendors world wide, so international travelers will also find JCB card useful in getting around as well as making deposits in their favorite JCB online casinos.

Does JCB Card carry any risks?
Not particularly. Since JCB card can only be used by residents of certain states, there is very little possibility that this card will be abused by outside sources than your average American credit card.

What is the interest rate on a JCB Card?
Like any other credit card, interest rates vary according to your credit check and history. The better your credit, the better your interest rate.

What sort of business, other than JCB online casinos, accept JCB Card?
Glad you asked! World wide, many types of businesses accept JCB card. This card especially caters to travelers, as Airlines, hotels, and car rentals make up the bulk of their merchants. Retail and specialty shops also use JCB card, around the nation and around the globe.

If I need to contact customer service, will I have to call a foreign country?
No, you will not. They have customer service desks within the United States. They can be reached by toll-free numbers as well as through e-mail.

How long does it take a JCB casino deposit to post to my casino account?
The deposit should be available instantly. Depending on whether or not you have verified your account, it could take a few days.