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You may have never heard of it, but Ipoint is a new casino deposit method available to many players. Ipoint online casinos provide you with an excellent way to make deposits without all the fuss and muss with signing up to this, adding money to that, putting your credit card into the other. Ipoint provides you with a convenient deposit method, completely free of hassle, to load money into some of your favorite USA Online Casinos.

Ipoint is similar to an ewallet, but they carry a twist. It is kind of like a mixture between an e-wallet and a prepaid card. Ipoint makes deposits by using a cellphone and text messaging, allowing you to fund your account personally. There is no incidence of fraud, unless someone happens to steal your cellphone and the Ipoint PIN number that should be your secret. Doing so will keep your account at the Online Casinos That Accept IPoint secure.

Best iPoint Casinos

IPoint Online Casinos are very few, at this time. With that said, you should not be discouraged from trying them. The ones that we offer, our Best IPoint Online Casinos, are among the best on the Internet. It only makes sense that our Legal USA Online Casinos accept a variety of different deposit methods, such as IPoint. Take a minute of your time, and view some of our best IPoint Casinos. You will be glad you did once you see how easy it is.

Rushmore Casino

iPoint casino rushmore

Rushmore Casino, built in the Patriotic stylings of the presidential monument, brings an amazing casino experience right to you in your home. They give several bonuses to their players, though only one may be used. Slot players use the code SLOTS400 to get a 400% match to $2,000 dollars. DOUBLEDOWN is not only blackjack terminology, but also a bonus code to give players a 200% match to $1,000 dollars when funding their account for the first time. For a bonus that applies to all games, use the cod 400FREE and 488FREE to get a 100% match to $400 and $488 dollars respectively. We enjoyed our stay at Rushmore Casino, one of our Best USA Online Casinos, just as we are sure you will.Visit Rushmore Casino

Cherry Red Casino

cherry red casino takes iPoint

Cherry Red Casino is perhaps the best of all online casinos accepting IPoint, but this is a matter of opinion. One of their main selling points is there multiple deposit USA Online Casino Bonuses. Each bonus applies to a different game, though one of them, spread out across two deposits, applies to all. For a bonus that goes to all games, use the codes 777FREE1 through 777FREE10 on your first ten deposits to gain a 100% match to $777 on each deposit. For Blackjack gaming, put in the code BLACKCHERRY for a 200% match to $1,200 dollars. Slot players will find CHERRYREELS to be superior as it applies a huge 400% deposit bonus to $2,400 dollars for slot gaming. Being an RTG Casino, Cherry Red brings you all the best table games with a dash of Slot and just a taste of Video poker. Visit Cherry Red Casino

Slots Oasis Casino

slots oasis casino accepts iPoints

Slots Oasis offers some of the biggest casino bonuses available to Ipoint online casinos. They give a 400% match to slot games up to $4,000 dollars. Wow. Use our USA Online Casino Bonus Codes, such as 4000FREE to get that one. If you'd rather play Blackjack, use the code BLACKOASIS for a 200% match to $1,000 dollars. Both of these codes will significantly improve your chances of winning by giving you more flexibility in how you will play. If you don't play, you can't win, and these bonuses will keep you playing. Visit Slots Oasis Casino

iPoint Casinos


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FAQ About Casinos Accepting iPoint

Where do I go to start with Ipoint?
Head on over to I-point.bz and you can start the process.

Do I have to sign up for anything?
You just have to create an Ipoint account, then you are well on your way.

How do I pay for Ipoint's services?
Ipoint is funded using a VISA or MasterCard over the phone.

How is this any different from just giving your credit card information to the Ipoint online casino?
This is different because you are not putting credit card information over the web. You are, instead, putting it through the phone line, making it even more secure.

After I make the phone call, what happens?
You will be given a confirmation code to give to Ipoint - tell it to them and they will give you a PIN to give to the online casino.

How long does Ipoint take to process?
Ipoint is an instant deposit method. there is no downtime in between depositing and loading your casino account.

Are there any fees associated with Ipoint?
No! Ipoint is not only quick and convenient, but it is cheap as well.

If I am giving my credit card info over the phone, what if someone happens to hear my numbers?
This is a bad question that we get alot. The answer is obvious - only make the phone call from your house or car when no one is around.

Can I withdraw money from the casino to my Ipoint account?
That you cannot do. You will have to find an alternative withdrawal method in order to remove funds from the account.

What casino softwares take Ipoint?
Both Real Time Gaming, or RTG, and Top Game casinos typically accept Ipoint as a USA deposit method.