EwalletXpress Online Casinos

Notice: As of November 2010, casinos that previously accepted eWalletXpress no longer accept the deposit method. eWalletXpress is essentially out of business so any casino that has them on their deposits list is mistaken.

E-wallets are the leading way to deposit and withdraw funds from your account at one of the USA Online Casinos, and one of the leaders in the field is eWalletXpress online casinos. EWalletXpress is one of the most prestigious e-wallets, bringing comfort and convenience to the table while keeping your casino account funded and simplifying transfers into your bank account. Having been founded almost a decade ago, eWalletXpress has blown up to substantial proportions. What was once a scarcely used service, eWalletXpress rapidly became one of the largest and most reputable e-wallets on the web.

You know you are using a trusted gambling venue when you see that they are an eWalletXpress online casino. Exclusivity is a perk of using eWalletXpress above other USA Casino Deposit Methods, but not their driving force. Joining is open to anyone, and they are still growing to this day. Funding your eWalletXpress account comes easy, as they allow many options to load your account. They maintain security by imposing necessary verification measures, keeping your banking information safe and secure. EWalletXpress provides a 100% guarantee to back your transactions, leaving you on sound financial footing regardless of how you choose to proceed. After you have completely verified your identification, eWalletXpress can make instant deposits and withdrawals. For more information on eWalletXpress online casinos, refer to our FAQ below.

Best EwalletXpress Casinos

There are more then 50 EwalletXpress casinos available but we can guarantee you that there is several that you do not want to play at. We have searched all through them and found all the ones that we know can be trusted and listed them on this page for you. All of the Ewallet Express online casinos that we list have been around for years or are part of a casino group that is very trusted and has a strong reputation. These below are the very top Ewalletxpress online casinos that you will find anywhere online.

Rushmore Casino

cherry red casino

Rushmore Casino is one of the leading eWalletXpress online casinos. They are an RTG based casino, which you know brings a trusted online casino experience. They offer deposit bonuses that cater to individual games for larger bonuses or just straight bonuses usable on all of their games. They use USA Casino Bonus Codes to apply the different rewards. 400FREE and 488FREE are the codes for bonuses that span all of their games, granting 100% matches up to $400 on your first deposit and $488 on your second deposit, using the respective codes. Blackjack players will find the code DOUBLEDOWNEWX useful, as it provides a 200% match up to $1,000 dollars for blackjack games. For a slots only deposit bonus, not to mention a high yield bonus, use the code SLOTS400 to get a 400% match to $2,000 dollars. They feature table games, such as the aforementioned blackjack, as well as roulette, craps, and others, as well as a huge diversity of slots and speciality games such as Keno. Rushmore Casino provides a lush casino atmosphere with elements such as high quality graphics and stunning sound effects to add to the excitement. Rushmore Casino is anything but drab, providing you with an enriching environment in which you may gamble. Visit Rushmore Casino

Casino Titan

rome casino

One of the lesser known, but more powerful, online casinos is that of Casino Titan. They have become one of the Best USA Casinos. One of these Top Game casinos is Rich Casino. They are aptly named, as they can easily make you a richer person. They offer a bonus of 400% to $1,000 dollars to get you started. Casino TItan remains one of the hottest eWalletXpress online casinos. Casino Titan provides the best casino games, such as video poker, video slots, classic slots, blackjack, roulette, and keno. They feature progressive jackpots that are constantly on the rise, as well as a VIP program that grants rewards as you continue to play. Casino Titan supports fair gaming, and will prove themselves to be one of the greatest casino experiences you have ever had - land based or online. Visit Casino Titan

Sloto Cash Casino

sloto cash casino

Rival Casinos are unique amongst the rest in that they have a type of game no other software base has - the iSlot. Sloto Cash Casino is one of these eWalletXpress online casinos that use the Rival software to provide you with a refreshingly unique casino experience. The iSlot is a new type of online slot that incorporates a story line and mini-games to make for a more interactive slot experience, all the while bringing you extra opportunities to bring in extra cash. Sloto Cash Casino has given us an exclusive deposit bonus of 300% up to $1,500 to get you start and keep you going. Sloto Cash accepts all USA players and shows you what the Rival software base can truly give you. No other eWalletXpress casinos have such a terrific array of slots and table games as Sloto Cash Casino. Visit Sloto Cash Casino

FAQ About EwalletXpress Online Casinos

Does eWalletXpress carry any fees?
Yes. eWalletXpress, like all other e-wallets, has a set of fees dependant on how you deposit money into your account, and how much of it you deposit. These are rarely ever that high, ranging from $2.50 dollars to $22.50. There is also a 10% fee to all withdrawals, up to a maximum of $150 dollars.

How can I put money into my eWalletXpress account? What deposit methods are avvailable?
Checking accounts, Money Orders, Bank Wires, 900Pay, and Interac are all viable for making deposits into your eWalletXpress account.

Does transferring my money from my eWalletXpress account to my eWalletXpress online casinos account cost anything?
No, there is no charge attached to transferring money from your eWalletXpress account to the eWalletXpress casinos on our list.

Are there any limits to how much I can load into my eWalletXpress account?
Yes, but only with some of the deposit methods. Bank Wires carry no limit, but the other deposit methods, depending on the length of your tenure with eWalletXpress can range from $750 dollars to $4500 dollars per week. Other, less common methods can deposit a paltry $150 a calender month.

What is the Verification process I have to endure before I can use my eWalletXpress account freely?
The verification process is to prove the account in question is yours, and this is the main feature that will prevent fraudulent nonsense from taking place.

What does the Verification Process entail?
Before you can use eWalletXpress online casinos, you do have to go through a quick test - they will withdraw an insignificant amount of money from your checking account shortly after signing up. You will be required to tell them EXACTLY how much money was taken out. Any discrepancies cause the account to be frozen.

Does eWalletXpress provide their own customer service?
Yes, eWalletXpress, as well as eWalletXpress online casinos, provide live technical support be it over the phone or Internet. Most sites, including eWalletXpress', has a live chat for instant assistance.

What level of encryption does eWalletXpress use through their site?
eWalletXpress online casinos, and the mother site itself, all use 128-bit SSL encryption. This inhibits any outside source from absconding with your information. Safety is paramount through eWalletXpress, as exemplified through their impeccable security measures.

How many payouts am I entitled to over how long of a period?
Pay outs are not limited through eWalletXpress. You can process an infinite number of payouts through eWalletXpress, granted you have the funds in the account.

What is the eWalletXpress sign up web page?
Anyone interested in signing up for eWalletXpress should visit their website at the following address: www.ewalletexpress.com