Credit Card Online Casinos

Credit Card Online Casinos make up the majority, if not all, of the online casinos available. Since most of the population has a credit card, just about every online casino accepts credit cards as deposits. USA players can make instant deposits, provided they have proven their identity. Credit Cards give the depositor thorough control over their finances, as there is no middle man involved with a credit card deposit as there is with e-wallets and bank wires and the like.

Unfortunately, credit cards are occasionally met with some problems when deposits are attempted at some USA Online Casinos. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006, causing some difficulties to arise in making your deposits at Casinos That Accept Credit Cards. The UIGEA prohibits banks from processing financial transactions pertaining to offshore gambling agencies. There is no way to know in advance whether or not your credit card will work, so the only way to find out is to attempt the card. Debit cards have more of a chance of success, but even this is not guaranteed. Even if your card is declined, you still have options. You can use an intermediary, such as an e-wallet (See: Credit Card online casinos), to use your credit card to load your account.

Best Credit Card Casinos

We have all the best Legal USA Online Casinos which accept Credit Card deposits. We have them listed below, along with short reviews of the very best ones. Take a few moments and review the selections that we have presented for you. These will take care of every casino gambling need, you have, and are definitely places that we would gamble at ourselves. We know they will take care of you, so do not hessitate to visit any one of them.

Bodog Casino

credit card casino bodog

BoDog, an RTG Credit Card online casinos, ranks amongst the best. They have a commitment to excellence, as shown in their immaculately designed website, which not only offers the casino in question, but also a sportsbook and a poker room. This provides you with a one stop shop for all your gambling needs. They provide a software download for you to play through, as well as free flash based games. One of the better Free USA Online Casinos you will find anywhere. BoDog offers a delightful deposit bonus that gives a 10% match with no limit on how much free cash you may receive. They host all of the most common casino games available, most notably craps, roulette, blackjack, different types of slots, video pokers, and Keno. BoDog has a high success rate when it comes to Credit Card deposits, so feel free to give them a whirl. Visit Bodog Casino

WinPalace Casino

rich casino takes credit cards

If you are looking for an RTG Credit Card Online Casinos, look no further than WinPalace Casino, as it is one of our best USA Online Casinos. WinPalace Casino is, as the name suggests, a palace for gamblers who want to win. They granted us an exclusive deposit bonus to pass along to you, something to the tune of a 400% match to $4,000 dollars. WinPalace Casino uses RTG to the fullest extent, putting forth all the games one has come to know and expect at an online casino. These include their slots, both video and classic, their table games, such as roulette and blackjack, as long as a diverse field of video pokers and Keno options to stimulate and enrich the gaming experience found at WinPalace Casino. They run a tight shift backed by an amazing customer service squad, bringing to you an enticing casino experience that will bring you back time and time again. Visit WinPalace Casino

Superior Casino

superior casino accepts credit cards

Superior Casino, as its name suggests, out performs the competition in many ways. They started by taking the Rival Software, iSlot included, bringing to the table an immense cross section of available games for their players, and now they are one of the Trusted USA Online Casinos. These include their fortuitous slots, their accumulation of table top games, as well as video poker systems. Their slots are their most diverse section, bringing to you the iSlot (an interactive slot game), progressive slots (which feature ever increasing jackpots), video slots, and classic slots. Superior Casino grants a multifaceted deposit bonus that can be used on either all of their games or just the slots. Each deposit comes in three tiers, trickling down upon your first three deposits. The first deposit for slots gives you a 100% match to $100 dollars, followed by the second deposit bonus of 50% to $400 dollars. Your tertiary deposit is met by a 40% match up to $500 dollars, totaling at up to $1,000. If you would rather have a flexible deposit bonus, usable on all of their games, you are entitled to a 50% match to $100, then a 30% match to $300, and finally a 20% match up to $200. Superior Casino provides a Rival Casinos Accepting Credit Cards for all USA players. Visit Superior Casino

FAQ About Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

What is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act?
The UIGEA is was an act that piggybacked through the legislature hidden away beneath a portion of the Patriot Act. The UIGEA does not outlaw Internet gambling, but instead disallows banks from processing transactions that are related to online gambling.

What kind of Credit Cards are typically accepted?
All of the major credit cards are accepted at one Credit Card Online Casinos or another. VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all viable choices, depending on the casino you are using.

Are there any fees related solely to online gambling?
Unless the Credit Card Online Casinos you play at incur fees, then no - your credit card company will not force you to pay any more than your regular finance charges to make a deposit.

Is my Credit Card information safe?
Unless your computer has a virus or other malware on it, then yes, your Credit Card information is safe. Online Casinos proactively employ high levels of security to keep your information yours.

What should I do if my credit card is declined?
If your card is declined, you will more than likely have to find another card or find another deposit method. If you only have one credit card it is suggest that you look into an e-wallet or another method of deposit. Bearers of more than one card may try their other cards, perhaps finding one that works.

If Credit Cards are frequently denied, why do Credit Card Online Casinos actively accept the cards as deposit methods?
Credit Cards as so common because almost everyone has one. The incidence of decline is not as frequent as the rate of acceptance, so it still remains a viable deposit method for many players.

Since you typically have to sign a receipt or present Identification when using a credit card to pay something, how will a Credit Card online casino prove it is me using my card?
Online casinos require you to print out a form and make an imprint of your card with a pencil. You will also have to fax in, along with the imprint, a photocopy of your ID and typically a bill of some sort to establish your identity.

Is it possible for someone to use my Credit Card info to make a casino deposit when they clearly are not me?
Theoretically it is possible. It would, however, take such an inordinate amount of effort, work, and thievery, that this is more improbable than a toaster floating across the room on its own volition.

I just turned 18 and I do not know how to get a credit card. How can I go about doing it?
Your best bet is to start by throwing the credit card company you want to apply through into a search engine. After filling out their application you should receive a response relatively quickly.

When trying to input my credit card info, I was prompted for a security number called a CVV2 or CID number. What is this?
A CVV2 number is an alternate method of verifying the identity of the card holder. CVV2 numbers are found on the back of your VISA or MasterCard, while the CID number on an American Express is found on the front. These numbers are 3 or 4 digits long, depending on your issuer.